Small secured loans new interest, 40%

a while ago, Xiao Liu of the public hotel have a bottle, want to redecorate, but suffer from the problems of insufficient funds, personal loans from banks, loan funds are limited and cannot relieve the pressing need and would like to apply for small loans, and does not meet the policy. Today, jiyuan city, further strengthening of the micro-loan guarantees trial measures for the management of fiscal discount interest funds issue, Xiao Liu according to this policy, easily gave out 100,000 yuan, but less out of the section, which makes him a small business have a better development.


  policies vary, most were kept out of the "door" out

"a few years ago I applied for a microcredit business people around, now I start to apply, due to the policy changes, I became a policy person. "A business, Mr Li is very upset, as a result, his cash-flow problems. It is understood that in jiyuan, met many people like Li problems.

  This news from human resources and Social Security Bureau in jiyuan city of the East (hereinafter referred to as society in jiyuan) micro-lending seen in the data center: 2013-1 ~ June loan 2130, disbursement of funds amounted to 132.5 million; 2014 1 June data was lost, loans only 395 pens, releasing funds for 31.99 million Yuan. "Due to changes in policy, apply for small secured loans only last year's 20%. "Bureau of jiyuan city people small secured loan Center Director Zhao said through data analysis and interviews, they learned that these do not meet the policy entrepreneurs really need help and support, but often does not meet the policy.

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