Mortgages, mortgage collateral is? What are the mortgage process?

mortgages, mortgage collateral is? What mortgage what is the flow of mortgage collateral? what are the mortgage process?

1, mortgage borrowers own or third party proprietary housing, already have "title deed".

2, the mortgage process:

(1) holding the title deed to the property housing the County Council asked the real estate mortgage registration is delayed;

  (2), if you can apply for confirmation of holding "title deed" and related agencies handling personal information to Bank personal loan mortgage loan applications;

  (3) specifies the property assessment agencies to assess the applicants own real estate, real estate assessment report and, according to the charges 3 per thousand of assessed value;

  (4) Bank to assist applicants for homeowners insurance procedures and the corresponding loan approval, loan amount up to 70% of the assessed value, with approval and loan contract and the mortgage contract;

  (5) the borrower ownership and the loan contract to the premises of the district where the real estate registration procedures for mortgage, costs borne by the borrower;

  (6) mortgage registration had been completed, the Bank can lend to borrowers in personal savings accounts.

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