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Tianjin wide according to the modern enterprise system of China financial services company, following the passage of domestic and foreign credit rules, implementing market-oriented operation. Personal credit loans, including Tianjin Tianjin Tianjin, consumer credit, credit cards loans credit loans credit loans, college students in Tianjin, Tianjin, Tianjin students interest-free loans, Tianjin Tianjin personal ID card, students loans, microfinance, Tianjin Tianjin, Tianjin only ID cards, ID card loans, loan, loan personal ID card. In the company of "integrity, win-win cooperation" attracted by the core concept and strong capital strength, gathered a group of high-quality talents to join executives and the backbone of the business came from the banking, investment and financing sector and large enterprises in areas such as management and financial professionals. On employees ' initiative and creative work, cultivate and build the company culture and industry leading brands.
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